Blog Post 3 : Frequently Asked Questions

Hello Everyone,

After a tired week,I have decided to write another post on our travel blog.This post contains frequently asked Questions and Answers regarding Travelling.

1.Why do you need to turn off all your electronic devices before an Airplane takes off and lands?

A : Your Electronic Devices Signals might cause disturbance and would also interject between the signals of Pilot and Air Traffic control

2.Do you have to be rich to travel the world?

A : Absolutely Not,Most of the travel vloggers these days work online part-time while travelling like mark Wiens,Life Of Jord check out their channels you might learn a lot of stuff about Making Money while travelling.

3.Where are the best places to travel alone?

A : I Prefer to travel to the Islands such as Lakshwadeep,Andaman Nicobar,Bali,Philippines

4.What are the best airport hacks?

A : We have wrote it in our previous article,Do check it out.

5.Who’s the most interesting person you’ve ever met on a plane?

A : I Was travelling to Bali one time.There was this women from New York,She kept the conversation kept going until i reached Denpasar Airport.She told me she is an Older women looking for younger men

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Blog Post 2 : How to Watch your Favorite TV Shows while Travelling ?

Hello Everyone,This is our second blog post on our travel blog.

Entertainment is important to everyone,it helps kill time easily especially while you’re travelling.But,when you are travelling to a different countries there could be problems in streaming the content that you have subscribed back home.

Let’s say you are a citizen of the United States and you have subscribed to Netflix in the United States,Then you can’t access the same content in other parts of the world due to copyright issues.

To tackle this simple problem,i Use a VPN which let me watch TV Shows and Movies without any errors.

Just use a VPN and choose a United States location.If you don’t know how to use,then here’s one good tutorial showing how you can watch fox outside usa in less than 2 minutes,you can apply the same to everyone just need to change the website address.


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Blog Post 1 : Do your Homework

Hello Everyone,Mark Here.

This is our first ever post on this blog and I’m going to share some tips about some things that you should keep in mind before travelling.I Wanted to write this post because most people seem they don’t do basic homework before travelling abroad.


Passport and Visa are not only two things that you need while travelling abroad,If you are visiting countries where yellow fever is prevalant you might need to carry medical certificates in handy.Make sure to know what things you need to carry and what not.This information can be obtained by looking up the VISA Section of the wikipedia section.

Eg : If you are a US Citizen,Then Search “Visa Requirements for US Citizens” and you’ll see in the notes section what certificates to carry while travelling.


If you want to travel on a budget then book tickets at least before 20 days – 1 month because there will be a difference in ticket rate that was booked 20 days – 1 month ago and tickets that are booked at last moment.

If you keep searching for tickets all the time,then ticket rates might go higher clear your browsing history and cache and use other browser if possible and book the tickets.

3.Hotels – Hostels

If you are a solo backpacker then Hostels are the best ways to minimise your budget,Hostels costs about 10$/day and are much cheaper.

Make sure to check the local websites before booking directly


This is the most important thing if you are travelling to a country where people doesn’t speak your language,Learn few words like numbers of currencies and basic interaction words.

Like If you are travelling to India then you might want to learn the names of the currency notes such as (Dus for 10) (Bees for 20) (Pachas for 50)

This way you seem like you are from within the country and also will stop from getting scammed

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Welcome to Bicycle Mark

Hello Everyone,Welcome to Bicycle Mark.

I’m Mark Bottingham from Bolton,United Kingdom.I’m a travel blogger and vlogger.I’m a 30 year old and self-employed guy,I’m living the life i always wanted – Being my own boss and travel the world.

During my journey,Many people asked me how do i manage working and travelling full time.Well,This blog is all you are looking for.On this blog I Will share exactly all my secrets (for free) you don’t have to pay a cent.

I will meet you again in my next post.Stay tuned and bookmark this page

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