Travelling to Spain for Easter 2017

Hello Everyone,I haven’t updated anything from last month,I had an accident while i was coming home back from gym which resulted in my arm injuring badly,I have promised you guys i would share my journey.Believe me,I have lots of stuff to share once i start feeling well.

Now,The big announcement – I will be travelling to Spain for Easter 2017(Semana 2017) to my grandma house and will be spending time with my family.Hopefully i will be able to show you guys everything on my bike.

More awesome stuff is coming in upcoming months,just have some patience.

P.S : This article is written by my friend Alex as per my dictation since i have enormous pains in my hand

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5 Things you Need to know before Visiting Indonesia

Hello Everyone,Last week i came back from Indonesia.It was one hell of a journey.If you are haven’t visited Indonesia or planning to Indonesia in the near future,This article is for you.I have listed some things which can help you while your stay in Indonesia.

#1 – Language Problem

More than 95% of people in Indonesia speak Bahasa,Not many people can speak English.If you’re a native English speaker,I’d advise you to learn Bahasa a little bit or basic words.Because many people don’t speak English here,I’ve asked at least 100 people for directions in Jakarta and only 5 people spoke to me in English that too not very clear.

#2 – Problem Explaining

Since they don’t speak English,Whoever i asked the directions for kept replying in Bahasa.Most of the times i had problems understanding and explaining them.

#3 – Use Public Transportation[TransJakarta or Commuter lines] or Uber or GO-JEK

Use Public Transportation or Uber as much as possible if you not from Indonesia.Because when the Vendors or Taxi drivers know that you’re a foreigner they’ll try to rip you off.If you are going in the city,Better take GO-JEK or Uber that’ll show you the exact amount.If you go to a private car or hire a taxi they’ll say higher prices.If you are going far like more than 10 KMS better use TransJakarta or Commuter Trains to Save time.

#4 – Traffic

Jakarta is one of the places where the traffic is high,Especially during the Evening hours.You can be stuck in traffic for hours.Use Trains to reach fastly.

#5 – WiFi in Public Places.

You can get WiFi almost at all places,Even in Buses

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Update : Travelling to Kuala Lumpur

Hey Folks,I haven’t updated this blog in a week,I was busy with some personal work also,our trip has finalized My friend Jim and I are visiting Kuala Lumpur and Indonesia in November.I Don’t exactly know what places i’ll visit.But I’m doing some research on the Internet and writing down some Interesting places on my Notepad.We will be staying 5 Days in Indonesia and 5 Days in Kuala Lumpur.I Hope I will be able to show you enough places throughout my adventure.Also,I’ve heard you can rent bikes in South East Asian Countries.Renting a Bike isn’t a problem at all.Along with Sharing Pictures on my blog,I will be vlogging too.I’m not an expert so i’ll take Jim with me to do camera shopping.

Also,I’ll be creating a Snapchat and Instagram Account and sharing my Snap ID soon,follow me to get regular updates and see the action in live.

If you want to Download the Videos from Snapchat Account – This website shows you how to download them.

If you want to Download Instagram Photos  – Refer the Same Website.

I’ve shared the links below




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5 Best Apps To Use While Traveling

Traveling is fun,Maybe not if you have to travel for long hours and even more when you are traveling by flight.Sometimes when i’m traveling to an International Destination,I have to wait hours in Immigration Line and i have to just stand there looking at counter constantly if the people are moving forward.I constantly keep searching for things to kill my time and not get bored.These are some of the applications i use while traveling.

1.Google Maps and Here Maps

Google Maps is a life-saver especially while you are traveling to a new city.It shows exact data in real-time.Also,When you enable GPS it shows you which way to choose and which is the easiest route to take.

Sometimes when i’m low on Mobile Data,I Use Here Maps.On Here Maps you could download a specific city Map and view your destination route map offline.

Unlike others,I don’t use facebook for Video Calling or Messaging friends.I mostly use facebook because i’ve subscribed (or) “Liked” many information related pages on facebook.I’ll have news on my Facebook feed everytime i reload it.I keep killing my time browsing my facebook feed mostly.

Quora is an amazing App if you haven’t used it,Go on and sign up for it.Even though it’s an Q and A site but it has lot of information about Daily Life,Entrepreneurship,Relationship Advice etc.


Instasave is an Amazing app,I use Instagram more often to get Photography Tips as there are more photographers on Instagram than any other platform also it’s free to use without any monthly subscription.Instasave is basically photo-saving app if you want to know more check out their homepage – Instasave


Netflix is one of my favorite apps of all time,Even though i have UK Netflix Account but I watch American Netflix content using a simple tip i found on google after digging about an hour.Even if you are looking to use the same go to their homepage – How to Get American Netflix 

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Choosing A BMX Bike

The BMX craze swept america in the 1970s and kids and adults have been racing, jumping and pulling BMX tricks at any time since. The BMX, which stands for bicycle motocross, is suitable for tough keep track of riding. Classic BMX motorcycles have low saddles, durable metal frames, chunky auto tires, and high straight handle bars. Yet , there are several BMX variations, with some tailored for urban skills or heavy-duty jumps, for example. Of course, much like any bike, you need to choose a BMX that’s comfortable to drive.

Step 1

Decide which type of BMX riding you want to do. Generally there are three main types of BMX bike, each with a slightly totally in accordance with numerous structure. A classic BMX is a good choice if you wish to race on dirt tracks, but still need to do some tricks and jump riding; a freestyle BMX is most beneficial if you wish to learn “flatland” street techniques or ride in skateparks; and a jumper BMX is best if your main aim is to get some serious air.

Step 2

Find the right size frame for you. BMX sizes are generally grouped into age amounts. The “mini” is well suited for young beginners of between four and six years old. The “junior” is suitable for seven to nine-year-old riders. “Expert” frames suit those aged nine to thirteen. The most significant framework, the “pro, ” is employed by most riders over twelve. You may find slightly larger specialist casings for bigger riders.

Step 3

Choose an light weight aluminum frame if cost just isn’t an issue and you aren’t buying lightweight bike for racing. Younger children could also find aluminum frames lighter weight and better to handle.

Step 4

Choose a BMX bike with wheels to suit your riding style. For example, racing BMX wheels tend to be lightweight, with 32 spokes, in line with the Cool Biking Region website. Nevertheless , if if you’re performing urban tricks, you will desire a more solid steering wheel with either 48 spokes or a thicker mag-style design.


Use security equipment, including pads and a helmet. BMX traveling is a high-risk sports, but it is a lot less dangerous if you protect yourself.

  • Make sure you test-ride a new BMX before buying. Whether or not a bike looks right looking, it may feel very different if you are riding it.
  • If you should also use your BMX to ride for longer ranges, choose the classic style. It’s possibly the best general option.
  • Freestyle bikes are more solid, heavy and compact than the traditional version. If you are in a huge city without much parkland, this is a good option.
  • A hop bike is suitable for dirt and grime and ramp jumping. This has wide, thick wheel treads not really well suited for road and park driving.
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Top 5 Popular BMX Companies

BMX is an art,not everyone can become a BMX rider it needs perfection and a lot of practice.It took me 15 Weeks to learn riding a BMX perfectly includes all kinds of stunts.It was pretty hard to be honest,I fell off hundreds of times.But,that’s what made me stronger and stronger.If you don’t learn to fail you’ll never learn.Before buying a BMX it’s also necessary to consider to buy a bike which has all good hardware.I have listed here some of the best bmx companies that i think are popular all around the world.

#1 – Haro

Haro is undoubtedly one of the most famous company for BMX Cycles.It Manufactures all kind of bicycles like Ranger,MTB,Kids bikes but it’s specialize in BMX bikes.

#2 – Mongoose

Mongoose is second in the list of popular sites,Because it manufactures best bikes in the world.Mongoose has different kinds of bmx bikes in their categories like BMX Freestyle,MTB,DirtRoad and all kinds of bikes.

#3 – GT

GT is named after it’s owner Gary Turner,The first bike from GT was manufactured in 1970’s and since then has expanded to a lot of countries like Canada,India,Australia and many more countries.They specialize in Rangers,MTB,BMX specially

#4 – RedLine

Redline was introduced in 1970 by two guys who had the same vision of making MTB Cycles.Today Redline manufactures one of the best BMX Bikes in the country and in the world.

#5 – FitBike

FitBike is a BMX company,They only manufacture BMX bikes.It’s their specialty,They specialize in BMX bikes.I’ve seen a lot of Fitbikes in New York city when i visited last time in 2006

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Things to Look Before Buying a BMX

Hello Everyone,This is my second post on this blog.Since,i have time for my visit to south east Asia and i’m free.I thought of penning down my thoughts on BMX.This article is about things to consider / look for before buying a bmx bike / bicycle.

BMX is heaven for people who rides bicycle(s).BMX was a big thing back in 90’s while i was growing up,It was illegal and sometimes when caught they used to take away bicycles because they consider it risky.Today i see a lot of people riding BMX in London,Wales,Nottingham and many other places without being worried about getting pulled and getting caught.It’s illegal in some countries tho.

So,Without further duo let me write Things to Look before buying a BMX

1.Know your Intentions first.

There are bikes designed specifically for certain types of riding, so knowing what you will use the bike for is huge when selecting a complete. Do you want to ride mostly street? Park? Dirt? Flatland? Even though you can technically use the same bike for everything, there are key factors on completes that make certain bikes better for certain disciplines of riding. If you aren’t sure which bike is right for which type of riding, then ask other riders at the skatepark or the guys at your local shop for some help.

2.Look for Chromoly

Chromoly is the type of strong, lightweight alloy metal all high-end BMX frames, forks, and bars are made from. Many complete bikes use steel construction in their frames, bars, and/or forks, which makes the bike less durable and a bit heavier. When looking for a complete bike, pay attention to the amount of chromoly used within a certain price range. For instance, if you see two bikes you like that are both in your price range, compare which one uses the most chromoly in their tubing.

3.Don’t expect things will last forever

Things wear out, parts break, and the harder you ride (or crash), the faster your bike will start to fall apart. This is just a part of the game. Also, you get what you pay for so don’t expect a $250 complete to hold up to as much abuse as a $1,000 bike. Be prepared to have things go wrong, but don’t let that discourage you. Learn to work on your bike, and refer to #9 on this list. Also, things on a new complete will have to break in or settle, so parts like headsets, chains, and spokes will need to be tightened shortly after your first few sessions.

4.Pick the proper size

Fractions of an inch seem miniscule, but can actually change the feeling of a bike drastically. Many complete bikes come with 20″ top tubes, which can be on the small side for a lot of riders. Luckily since companies have been stepping up their game recently, they have started to make complete bikes with 20.5″ or 20.75″ top tubes too. Also in the past handlebars on complete bikes have been notoriously low and/or narrow. If you have the luxury of going to a shop to buy your bike, test out the bike in the parking lot and make sure you feel comfortable on it. If the bike comes with wide bars, you can always cut them down to your liking for free, but you can’t make narrow bars wider without dropping some extra cash for a new set.

5.Small parts make a difference

The components on a bike can make the complete really good, or really bad. It can also make the bike be really expensive, or really cheap. So check out all the parts on the bike to see what kind of quality you are getting. If the bike is spec’d with name brand parts like Shadow, Odyssey, or SNAFU, you know you are getting something better than generic parts. Also, on the “small” topic, look for a small gearing. A small sprocket in the front means less metal to get in the way of certain tricks, and less weight. At the same time, you don’t need a 25t sprocket to be cool. A 30t sprocket will still do the trick. However, if the bike comes with a 45t, watch out because the whole bike is probably outdated.

6.Know your Price

If this list was in any kind of order, this point would probably be at the top. Once you figure out what kind of riding you’ll be doing (which will help you decide the style of bike to look for), you need to figure out how much money you can spend. Set your limit, and do some hardcore comparisons of each complete in that price range. You can use mail order web sites, company Web sites, or company catalogs to get a good look at each of your options. Don’t get all worked up over the $1,200 complete if you can only afford to spend $500.

7.Look for Weight

We aren’t saying that you have to have a super light bike to be a good rider, but a lightweight complete bike usually means it has some good parts on it, and is made from good materials. Most quality aftermarket parts are lighter (and stronger) than the generic steel parts. Likewise, a stronger chromoly frame is lighter than an all-steel frame. Many people feel that a light bike can help you keep control over it better, and will allow you to ride longer without getting as tired.

These are some of the things i consider before buying an BMX and will suggest you the same.

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Welcome to Bicycle Mark

Welcome to,I’m Mark Bottingham residing in Wales,UK.I’m an Electrical Engineer by profession Short after I Graduated I took a job and worked as an Assistant Engineer and then i Quit after 6 Months.Since,i was a kid i used to travel a lot with my parents to different parts of the Europe.I really liked traveling and that is what i wanted to do with the rest of my life,Travel and explore different countries and study their culture.

What can you expect from ?

Well,To be honest i haven’t planned on anything specific,But i’d like to showcase different Museums,Parks,Art Galleries etc.

You could get to see everything behind the scenes while i’m traveling to different countries.I have planned to visit South East Asian countries in November and i will be writing regular reviews of places,galleries,Historic Monuments and stuff.

Here are some of the pictures from my Last visit to Indonesia.

Water Falls in Bandung


Monas – Monument Nasional


Bandung – Train View


I’ll keep updating this blog from time to time.

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