Blog Post 2 : How to Watch your Favorite TV Shows while Travelling ?

Hello Everyone,This is our second blog post on our travel blog.

Entertainment is important to everyone,it helps kill time easily especially while you’re travelling.But,when you are travelling to a different countries there could be problems in streaming the content that you have subscribed back home.

Let’s say you are a citizen of the United States and you have subscribed to Netflix in the United States,Then you can’t access the same content in other parts of the world due to copyright issues.

To tackle this simple problem,i Use a VPN which let me watch TV Shows and Movies without any errors.

Just use a VPN and choose a United States location.If you don’t know how to use,then here’s one good tutorial showing how you can watch fox outside usa in less than 2 minutes,you can apply the same to everyone just need to change the website address.


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